Scads: Scale-independent storage for social computing applications

TitleScads: Scale-independent storage for social computing applications
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2009
AuthorsArmbrust, Michael, Armando Fox, David Patterson, Nick Lanham, Haruki Oh, Beth Trushkowsky, & Jesse Trutna
Conference NameConference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR)
Date Published01/2009

Collaborative web applications such as Facebook, Flickr and Yelp present new challenges for storing and querying large ammounts of data. As users and developers are focused more on performance than single copy consistency or the ability to perform ad-hoc queries, there exists an opportunity for a highly-scalable system tailored specifically for relaxed consistency and pre-computed queries. The Web 2.0 development model demands the ability to both rapidly deploy new features and automatically scale with the number of users. There have been many successful distributed key-value stores, but so far non provide as rich a query language as SQL. We propose a new architecture, SCADS, that allows the developer to declaratively s tate application specific consistency requirements, takes advantage of utility computing to provide cost effective scale-up and scale-down, and will use machine learning models to introspectively anticipate performance problems and predict the resource requirements of new queries before execution