An Energy Case for Hybrid Datacenters

TitleAn Energy Case for Hybrid Datacenters
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2009
AuthorsChun, Byung-Gon, Gianluca Iannaccone, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Randy Katz, Gunho Lee, & Luca Niccolini
Conference NameHotPower
Date Published10/2009
Conference LocationBig Sky, MT

Reducing energy consumption in datacenters is key to building low
cost datacenters. To address this challenge, we explore the potential
of hybrid datacenter designs that mix low power platforms with
high performance ones. We show how these designs can handle
diverse workloads with different service level agreements in an energy
efficient fashion. We evaluate the feasibility of our approach
through experiments and then discuss the design challenges and
options of hybrid datacenters.