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Purchase Reimbursements

If you have purchased supplies, etc, that pertains to the RISELab, you will need to follow these steps to be reimbursed for your expenses:

  1. Go to the erso website,
  2. Click the Forms and Procedures link from the lower left menu bar
  3. Scroll down to the Purchasing menu
  4. Click on the “Misc. Reimbursement Request” form link
  5. Fill out the form (Make sure to include as much information as possible for the description.)
  6. Print the form out, then sign and date it
  7. Tape all itemized receipts to a piece of 8.5 X 11 Paper (*It is important to attain itemized receipts, which list everything consumed, tax, etc.)
  8. Scan the ERSO Misc. Reimbursement Request Form, receipts and any other relevant documentation or receipts into a pdf
  9. Click the Intranet link from the lower left menu bar
  10. Select the “Services” link from the menu bar
  11. Check with about who to select as your PI or unit head’s name from the drop‐down list under the “Requesters” section (*you should always check with rise-support about your PI, because this is often dependent on what project we are charging the expense to.)
  12. Click the “Supply Reimbursement” button
  13. Follow the instructions above the form to fill it in properly.
  14. If your name is not listed in the payee drop down menu, you should type “payee: your name, and your email address” as the first thing in the “Business Purpose & Payee information:, max 500 chars” field
  15. After you have clicked the “submit request” button, upload the pdf that you made earlier with the ERSO Misc. Reimbursement Request Form and relevant receipts and documentation
  16. Once you have uploaded, your reimbursement will be in the que, and processed. Your request is now submitted and automatically routed to the unit head or delegate in your research group for approval. Once approved, the request is forwarded to the appropriate unit for processing
  17. You’ll receive an email with the subject line [TravelReimbursement Status] Requested #XXXX, confirming submission of the request
  18. Retain your original receipts as backup until the request is processed to insure that the scanned documents are readable by Reimbursement Services -
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