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Basic Social Conventions


The RAD Lab has a *quiet space* culture

  • Be considerate of noise levels in cubicle area.
  • Keep discussion quiet and research-related.
  • Take extended conversations and phone calls to a meeting room.
  • If you are being bothered, ask the people to 'get a room' as opposed to leaving.

Meeting Rooms


  • Coffee
  • Fridge
    • If you drink the last (coke, diet coke, mt dew, whatever), put more in the fridge
    • Personal food/beverages in the fridge should be labeled with your name and the date
    • If you wish to share items with the rest of the Lab
      • make sure the expiration date is clear
      • label it with your name and clearly mark it for community use
    • Those buying milk or other dairy/dairy-like products for community use with coffee can get reimbursed
  • Please note that sound from the kitchen can be disruptive to those in the cubes, especially the in the Faculty Area


Books in meeting rooms are nearly all personal property, usually of faculty, and are so labeled while those in shelves by cubicles belong to those in those cubicles.

  • Honor any posted borrowing policy.
  • If there is no borrowing policy posted, obtain permission before taking a book from a shelf.
  • Return all books once you are done - do *not* leave them sitting unused on your desk for days or weeks.
  • Borrowed books should remain in the RAD Lab outside of arrangements with the book's owner.
  • If you are borrowing a particular book on a regular basis, consider ordering a personal copy.

Visitors and Guests

  • Those in the RAD Lab are responsible for any guests or visitors they bring into the RAD Lab
  • Meeting room use by visitors and guests should be limited to meetings with someone in the RAD Lab.
  • Do not let unknown persons into the RAD Lab unattended after hours (when the door is closed).
  • If an unknown person or persons ask to be let in to meet someone in the RAD Lab, have them wait in the small room by the front door while checking to see if that person is around in the RAD Lab.
    • If you see someone who seems suspicious, ask them who they are working with or who their advisor is. If you are not comfortable, notify RAD Lab staff.
  • Remember that beverages and refreshments, printers, and other consumables are paid for by the RAD Lab (your faculty).


  • There are periodic cleaning events with pizza
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