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  • Much of the incoming natural light seems to be blocked. Not sure how to fix that; I know you're considering different blinds. Maybe people who enjoy the light more than others could sit by the windows.
  • Find a way to keep blinds up without blinding people at the desks
  • Lighting is weird by the windows and the blinds don't really help - sometimes sun shines directly in face and no easy way to mitigate Meeting room reservations and Lab-wide calendar shoudl be integrated PEOPLE SHOULD BUY IN TO LAB-WIDE CALENDAR Integration between areas/projects is improving, but still a long way to go to feel we are one Lab
  • 1) Lighting could be improved for the people in the cubicles away from the windows. 2) A cardkey reader on the other entrance. 3) Instructions and a map of who's sitting where for visitors?
  • Need better door access mechanism for non-members than people knocking on the door.
  • Chairs being removed from cubicle and not returned. People knocking on the door (maybe a doorbell connected to cecelia's office) If people move across the street, space should be refilled by other groups.
  • - Still waiting after the keyboard trays! - Maybe a bit more discussion about the noise level: some people talk more loudly than others, with different expectation about how they can be disturbed, and as well as we could talk about it individually, maybe it would be nice to open the discussion on the wiki to see what people think and what are their preference… (E.g. the no cell phone policy is enforced with variations…) - The phone at the entrance should be fixed! It is almost impossible to set up a meeting with someone from the outside when they don't have card key access.
  • I would like to see more student-directed community efforts. Right now all the community activities are dictated by faculty/staff, but it would be great if the students started taking the lead on doing their own activities, whether it be weekly dinners, or a gaming tournament, or gossiping about the faculty.
  • Sessions to discuss projects informally (e.g. work-in-progress) RAD Lab workshop.
  • Have mandatory events so we can find out who all is in the lab
  • Maybe set aside a quiet area/library room to study? (I realize we probably don't have space for this)
  • People spending the night here is very gross no matter what the excuse. It should not be permitted.
  • Group meeting noisy when held in lounge area, propensity of some colleagues to engage in bull sessions that transcend reasonable bounds of social interaction
  • The open space seminar room is too small at times. Those spilling over the couch area can hardly view the white board or projector. And because it is completely open, people passing by and chatting can be quite disrupting.
  • The printer is a bit slow.
  • Have the color printer and plotter in the lab.
  • Separate overhead light control or warning when someone is going to turn on overhead lights. Sound proofing to/from outside. Additional support for Cecilia in busy times so that she's not looking so much for volunteers. More frequent trash management.
  • Honestly, none really come to mind.
  • Having cubes does *not* translate into “Please come and bug me every 30 seconds”. Yes it helps foster discussion but I have had to explicitly tell people to set up an appointment otherwise I cannot get anything done. A “no laptop policy” during talks. Some people keep typing loudly on the keyboards, it's very irritating to the rest of us and rude to the speaker. The 24-inch monitor is nice but takes up too much space. There isn't enough room for those whose desks don't have the curved portion where the monitor is usually placed. Having the entrance by the conference area is very distracting. People walking in and out easily divert attention, and I sometimes feel awkward walking by. Perhaps the 2nd entrance can be used, and a notice posted at the current entrance whenever there is a talk so people can avoid using that entrance.
  • I am very happy with RADLab. I come to the lab just a little more than last semester - which is almost every day. But last semester, I lived 5 minutes from Soda. Now I stay 25 minutes away. Still I come to the lab more often than last semester.
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