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For those in the RAD Lab and our guests, we provide a wide variety of beverages including coffee, tea, and various soft drinks.

Please remember to break down the cardboard boxes

Meeting Leftovers

Leftovers from various meetings/events are usually placed on the tall table by the whiteboard.

We have a camera installed to let people see what sort of food is there.

Panda and Kay are currently running an computer vision experiment to try to automatically detect whether there is food there using this camera and eventually train a filter to identify what sort of food is present.


The Refrigerator and Freezer are shared by over 50 people -

  • Leave the refrigerator temperature setting alone.
  • Securely wrap your food before putting it in the refrigerator.
  • Place your name and date on items you put in the refrigerator.
    • Items without names will be considered community property.
    • Items more than more 7 days old will be removed.
      • Exceptions made for bulk items with expiration dates (salad dressing, milk, OJ)
  • Keep your personal use of refrigerator space to a reasonable limit.
    • Limit personal containers (especially liquid ones - soda, milk, juices, etc) in the refrigerator or freezer to 1 quart.
    • Limit quantities stored so there is room for others - there isn't enough room for everyone to store a weeks groceries and lunches.
    • Exceptions made for items bought for community consumption (milk, milk-like substitutes, ice cream, juice)

Coffee Thingy

  • Make sure coffee beans have thawed beans before feeding to coffee machine thingy.
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