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The Kitchen Free Food Cam

The RAD Lab Kitchen Free Food Camera allows one to view what is currently on the Kitchen Table without having to always visit the kitchen (and then become engaged in loud conversations in the kitchen).

Panda and Kay are currently running a computer vision experiment to detect the presence of food on the table and, eventually, identify the type of food via the use of a simple SVM thing. We hope one day someone smarter will use Deep Learning to improve on these results (note this meets all three of A, M and P).

The camera is positioned such that only the table itself is within view so that people are not accidentally viewed by the camera 1)

It is limited to members of the EECS community via passwd/login.

We currently use an ad-hoc Cone of Shame™ for this but will later acquire a better camera with a zoom feature. If you choose to place yourself into this limited field of view, you will likely be caught on camera
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