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Meeting Areas

There are 6 Meeting Rooms and two “Phone Rooms” in the RAD Lab. They are all equipped (or about to be) with speakerphones, power flowers (bundles of IBM and Apple AC adapters), and, in most cases, display devices. Most rooms with displays have a webcam available for use with your various devicess


Priority for meetings rooms is given to:

  • AMP/SDB research/business related meetings (including teleconferences)
  • TA Meetings related to AMP/SDB sponsored classes
  • Those using a room solo (except for teleconferences) should proactively yield rooms to meeting groups
  • Those with a reservations for a room have priority over those who do not.

Clean up meeting rooms after use

  • Place recycables into the recycling bins in the hallways and Kitchen
  • Deposit food waste/trash in the large receptacle in the Kitchen especially on weekends.

465B Mini Lounge

  • Mix of a meeting room, waiting/greeting space and lounge
  • By Front door - across from Boban's office
  • Large 55“ Display
    • HDMI cable connected to a wireless transmitter on right side of the red couch * Still fine-tuning the location of the wireless receiver that's velcro'd behind the display
    • Directly attached MiniDisplayport and VGA cables coiled up behind the display for use as needed
    • Apple TV on HDMI1 input
    • ChromeCast on HDMI2 input
      • Connect to the “EECS” Wireless network (ChromeCast doesn't support WPA2 Enterprise protocols used on EECS-Secure)
      • Connect to “AMPCast”
  • Small Fridge
  • Bright Red Couch
  • Two Shiny chairs … (just what is that color anyway?)
  • A very industrial sheet metal table
  • Some Kapla blocks
  • Keep the noise down during the day - Use the curtain!

465D Small Red Room

  • West side of entry hallway
  • Room for about 5
  • Conference Phone - x2-8919
  • 40” LCD display w/audio

465E Medium White Room

  • East side of the entry hallway.
  • Room for 6-8
  • Conference Phone - x2-8905
  • Overhead projector

465F Small Blue Room -- The "Fishbowl"

  • Intersection of meeting rooms and cubes
  • Room for 5
  • Conference Phone - x2-8284
  • 27“ Flat Panel Display

465G Small Blue and White Room

  • At end of entry hallway across from 465F
  • Room for 5
  • Conference phone - x2-1649
  • 40” LCD Display

465H Large Conference Room

  • what remains of the RAD Lab lounge/conference area
  • End of the entry hallway -faces out onto Hearst Ave with a great view of Sutardja-Dai Hall
    • through the double glass doors
    • sung to the tune of “down the yellow brick road”
  • Room for 12-20 or so.
  • Polycom Phone Number: x3-6938
    • Locked to the table with the ever so secret combo of “0473”
    • The phone hashad two wireless speaker pucks1).
    • These live in the recharging dock on the east window shelf.
    • If settings need to be changed, there is a similar three digit password
    • It has some other options like integration with Skype, feel free to investigate.
  • Three Projectors
    • Two facing West wall
    • One facing East Wall
    • Color coded to control buttons on wall by light switches
    • Color coded to cables on tables

465HA The Phone Room

  • Adjoins to 465H
  • Room for 2-3
  • Conference Phone
  • 40“ LCD display
  • May occasionally get “trapped” by meetings in 465H

468K Small Kitchen Room

  • Right off the Kitchen
  • Room for 3-4
  • Conference Phone - x2-8468
  • 40” LCD Display
these died and polycom doesn't make them anymore :((
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