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Fall Shopping Season

Moved into your new (or not so new) desk and find you're missing a few things?

Want a (different) Keyboard? A Mouse? Keyboard tray?

List what you want here, we'll do a mass order this week or early next week.

Be specific about what you want - if we (RAD Lab Staff) have to ask what you want, we probably won't order it.

Some places where we tend to buy things if you are looking to browse for ideas.

Things we've bought (or might consider buying)

More practical notes:

  • In general, we try to avoid wireless keyboard/mice/etc that need a separate transmitter/receiver.
    They always get lost, rendering the associated device somewhat useless.
    • An exception to that might be the Logitech Unifying stuff.
      The transmitter is harder to lose, universal across many devices,and replaceable.
  • More expensive items - like that Kinesis keyboard or this Evoulent mouse will be forwarded to our ergonomic evaluator, Kattt.

How to place your order:

  • Place your order via the comment section at the bottom of the page.
  • Feel free to request items even if they're not listed (try to use the manufacturer URL).
  • Your addition will be considered, and, if exceedingly awesome, even SERIOUSLY considered. Maybe we'll even buy it if the price doesn't make us gasp (and if it meets the approval mentioned above).




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