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Notes about stuff for the office supply cabinet

pens, etc

Laptop/etc Accessories

  • Any extra stock that doesn't fit into the upper shelves can go on the lower shelves.
  • Place an order whenever we need to pull out the extra stock from the lower shelves.
  • Figure out a way to keep track of how much we're ordering and how often.
  • Most, and probably all of this, can and should be ordered via BearBuy

Apple Stuff

Lenovo Stuff


Miscellaneous Stuff

    • We probably won't run out for a while - we have a lot.
    • When we do have to order more, consider getting larger ones (16GB or 32GB ones)
  • Some little USB hubs
  • Various sundry ethernet cables

power strips

We buy mostly Belkin power strips

We no longer provide for desk use any power strips with right angle or rotating plugs because they do not work well with our in-floor power outlets.

We do still use them for retreats and other events where there are conventional wall outlets.

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