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Fax Machine(s)

The RAD Lab has a fax machine in 465B Soda by the Front Entrance [1]. It also serves as a color scanner and does light duty as a printer and small volume copier (really small volume).

There are also faxes in the two administrative offices that one can ask to use during business hours if this one is unavailable.

The phone number is listed on the front of the fax machine (not listed here to avoid harvesting by fax spammers - yes they do still exist).


There are two color scanners one can use in the RAD Lab

  • The Fax/Scan/Printer in 465B works as a scanner via the (occasionally missing) USB cable and via a network scanning function:
    • Windows: select the “Full Driver & Software Package” - this comes with its own scanner interface
    • OS X: select the “Scanner Driver” (The “CUPS Printer Driver” is optional for scanning support) - this also comes with its own scanner interface
    • Linux: select the “brscan2” scanner driver for your distribution (RPM or deb) from Brother's Linux site
      • this provides the brsaneconfig2 command that ties into the scanner system (SANE) that many linux systems use.
      • register the scanner (called scan465b for this example) using the brsaneocnfig2 command:
      • % brsaneconfig2 -a name=scan465b model=MFC-8860DN ip=
      • This allows applications using the SANE protocol, such as gimp(1) or xsane(1) to interface with the scanner.
    • The scanner has a scan→email function, but the way it works is not compliant with campus security standards, so we did not set that up.
      • If you would like to scan something and have it sent directly to an email address, read further about the 374 Soda copy machine.
  • There is an HP scanner about halfway down the hall that can be used as well (Driver installation may be necessary)


  • Randy has a color scanner on the drawer unit by his shelf - ask him if you can use it
  • The copy machine in 374 Soda also serves as a B&W/Grayscale scanner that can e-mail the scans to you.
    • This requires a valid copy card, but it doesn't need any funds on it - it's just needed to unlock the copier interface.
    • Further instructions are posted by the copier in 374 Soda.


  • For small jobs - like a couple of pages - you can use the Fax/Scan/Printer in 465B.
  • For larger copy jobs, use one of the EECS copy machines in 374 Soda.
    • A valid copy card with funds on it is required.
    • The RAD Lab copy card is kept in a well known location
  • For copy jobs related to teaching EECS Instructional courses, please make use of Departmental Resources

[1] Yes, having a fax machine right by the front door to the RAD Lab is perhaps not the best idea ever, but it was the only place we had to put it.

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