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We have a number of printers in the RAD Lab available for use by RAD Lab Residents. All printers here are served off of the EECS Department printserver: To add these printers, use as the print server and the queue name for the individual printers listed for each printer. For more information, check out the IRIS page on printing.

If you wish to print directly to the printers for some reason instead of going through the EECS print server, then you can use the hostnames provided for the printers themselves, but this is not a feature that we monitor to see if it is working all the time.

Printers in the RAD Lab itself

465J - The Kitchen

  • lws468 lpd:// (lpd), \\print\lws468 (windows), (direct)
    • OS X Driver is called “HP LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603”
    • Duplexer
    • Three Trays
      • 1 manual feed trays
      • 2 automatic feed trays
    • 512MB RAM
    • Local Hard Drive
  • lws468c lpd:// (lpd), \\print\lws468c (windows), (direct)

465B - The front lounge/greeting room

  • lws465b lpd:// (lpd), \\print\lws465b (windows), (direct)
  • Mini-Fridge - no network interface, no USB/Serial interface either
    • General Electric Something Or other
    • Takes no input
    • Only outputs cold beverages
    • Needs more frequent toner (warm beverage) replacement

The Poster Printer (aka Plotter)

  • The Large Format HP printer formerly known as pls465 has moved to the Par Lab - information about it can be found on the Aspire wiki. You will need to login using your EECS credentials (page now non-public due to abuse by non-RAD/Par/AMP/ASPIRE/NetSys members).

Other printers

  • Randy suggested putting out some more printers in other parts of the RAD Lab, so we are trying out one over by the bike area, but it broke a lot.
  • Walking to the Kitchen is good for you anyway.
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