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Welcome to the RAD Lab

Welcome to the RAD Lab. This is a quick summary to help get you started

Project specific info

Depending on which research group you are with, you will find more project-specific information at:

(Some things may straddle the fence between being project specific or more general to the RAD Lab)

Getting Help

Support for the AMP, NetSys and SDB ResearchProjects is provided by Kattt Atchley, Boban Zarkovich, Jon Kuroda, and Albert Goto (he is SDB only).

Administrative Support

Technology and Computing Support

Not Sure?

Some requests may fall in between administrative and computing support. If in doubt, please email <radlab-staff@cs> and we'll sort it all out.

Life in the RAD Lab

We have a number of social conventions aimed at promoting a productive work environment.

You can find more info about where things are in the RAD Lab by exploring the rest of the wiki

Mailing lists / Calendar / IM / Oh my!

Mailing lists

Those in the RAD Lab are added to a few general lists:

And to one or more research-specific ones:

  • <amp-research@cs> - AMP Lab technical discussion and announcements of research related meetings.
  • <lo-cal@cs> - LoCal Project technical discussion and announcements of research related meetings.

AMP has a number of other opt-in lists AMP Project


Both AMP and LoCal use Google Calendar for group calendaring. For those in one of these groups, if you have a Google UserID you'd like to use or prefer to use your EECS e-mail address instead, let <radlab-staff@cs> know so that we can give you access to the calendars.


Those in the RAD Lab get added to the RAD Lab group on the EECS IM service which adds the RAD Lab residents to your contacts list in a separate group.


We occasionally organize social events including:

  • Outings to Theater and other performances - sometimes, we even get out of the office!
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