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RISELab/NetSys/SDB Research Administration and Facility Support

Who we are and how to contact us:

Boban Zarkovich, Carlyn Chinen and Kattt Atchley provide administrative and space/facilities support for the RISE/NetSys/SDB research projects. For assistance contact or come by their office, located at 465A Soda Hall (inside RISELab).

Areas of support include:

  • Administration Resources: Travel, Reimbursement, Purchase Procedures (see below for procedures); Department & Campus Admin Systems
  • Space: RAD Lab Facility/Space Matters; Desk spaces; Ergonomic Evaluations; Kitchen/Office supplies
  • HR: Undergraduate, Postdoc, Visitor & Visiting Scholar Appointments, and Other Hiring
  • Events: On-site & Off-site Event Management
  • Sponsors: Industrial Sponsorship Programs
  • Other misc. administrative areas

Adding Projects and Publications to RISE Website -

Administrative Procedures for Submitting Reimbursement, or Purchases (including conference registration and flights):

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