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Conference Registrations

  1. Ask your advisor, which PI will pay for your conference registration. (important: your adviser is not always the PI of the fund). Save this information for Step 4.
  2. Go to your conference registration website page, fill in the registration (disregard payment information) and print or save as PDF. Keep note of any user names/password used to register.
  3. Go to, and click on Intranet (located at the top of the blue menu).
  4. Click Services, and click on the PI whose fund will pay for your conference registration.
  5. Click the travel reimbursement box (the box should say travel reimbursements and payments, but at this time only says travel reimbursement)
  6. Select the Vendor (a.k.a. payee name) for the conference. If the vendor is not on the vendor list, then go to step 7
  7. In the trip purpose text box, list which project will pay for your conference, your name & contact information, conference name, vendor name (if not listed in step 5), conference website URL, username/passwords, and registration due dates.

  8. Put the total due for the conference registration in the Amount Requested Box. When finished, click on Submit Request.
  9. Upload the PDF files you saved when filling out your registration. (These files will serve as references when they make the payments).

What happens next?

  • Administration reviews & attaches the chart string.
  • Once the chart string is attached, then it is sent automatically to purchasing.
  • Once travel has this request, they will purchase your conference registration per your instructions on the intranet request form and the registration form (the you attached).
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