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    Although large-scale Internet services such as eBay and Google Maps have revolutionized the Web, today it takes a large organization with tremendous resources to turn a prototype or idea into a robust distributed service that can be relied on by millions.

    Our vision is to enable one person to invent and run the next revolutionary IT service, operationally expressing a new business idea as a multi-million-user service over the course of a long weekend. By doing so we hope to enable an Internet "Fortune 1 million".

  • RAD Lab End of Project Demonstration

    The RAD Lab end of project demonstration happened on 2/24/11. Pictures and Video footage of the of the day are located here:

    Pictures available here

    Video available here

  • Cloud computing - what's in it for me as a scientist?

    SCIENCE magazine asked Professor Armando Fox to write a short "Perspectives" piece on how scientists could benefit from cloud computing, The piece is running in in the January 28, 2011 issue of SCIENCE. View the article on the SCIENCE Magazine website:

    Summary: click here

  • Pictures from IEEE Honors Ceremony

    Pictures of Honoree Professor Randy Katz from the IEEE Honors Ceremony

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